A company that specializes in innovative restoration techniques and creative building design.

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how it all began

why choose us?

the project GUATEMALA reality tv show (aired on ctv&OLN)

customized game plan

We can help you evaluate your options and give you the best solution based off your objectives. We will provide full details and an outlined contract for your desired concrete needs.

We don't cut corners

The difference, in one word, is precision. We will deliver exactly what you asked for. No surprises.

 we are your partner

We are in this together. We understand that this is an investment. We will communicate every aspect of the job every step of the way. 

Being chosen to be a participant in this reality TV show changed my life in the most positive way. This  is about nine young adults who thought the've signed up for an exotic party adventure, but the show quickly makes a sharp turn as we quickly find undertaking a challenge to build a home for orphaned and abandoned children in rural Guatemala. I am pleased to tell you that we have successfully completed the challenge and  through hard work, team effort, and dedication, the children of Guatemala are happy living in the home we built for them. 

I am the winning contestant of this show and through this experience, I learned that I had a passion for building and making people happy. With my strong leadership skills and creative ideas, my well-experienced team of concrete gurus can provide you with satisfying results - guaranteed. 

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We've built our reputation on excellence in restoration and design, with constant focus on serving our customers.

My name is Blair Yachetti CEO of MYCSC. I have always had a passion in helping others. Building and working on various concrete projects has allowed me to combine my passion with work. If you have a desired concrete need, we have the solution.

The principles of our business is simple: We provide  high-quality concrete services at a reasonable price and deliver the final product in a timely matter. At MYCSC we believe in the quality of our work and in turn, a majority of our client acquisition is based on referrals from satisfied customers.


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